About / Overview

Built on Zhejiang University's hundred-year history, the ZJU-ISM has aimed high since its inception. With its Medicine listed as national First-class discipline, the University is confident and able to extend medical education into the central region of the Province. Huang Hefeng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and well-known reproductive medicine scientist, is the inaugural dean of the ZJU-ISM. With the combined support of the University and Yiwu government,

ZJU-ISM will better serve the national "Double First-class" Initiative and deliver the top-quality care the region needs, and transform health professional education in an interconnected world.

The brand-new campus has opened in September 2023. Enjoying advanced facilities and conducive learning environ-ment, 92 MBBS students from 25 countries have embarked on their academic journey here. Meanwhile, the school has also recruited 70 postgraduate supervisors and 484 postgraduates(includ-ing 355 master's students and 129 doctoral students) from year 2020.

Gathering outstanding faculty mem-bers, the school will deliver the best medical professionals and research out-comes. It will also accelerate innovation in medical education, take its place among other global leaders in science and technology, unleash vitality in the healthcare industry, and address global health challenges.