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Core Values

TRUTH is our cornerstone.The attitude and spiritof“seeking truth”is essential to scientific development. It originates fromthe cultural inheritance from Zhejiang University, a century-old universitywith a profound history.It is also the requirement of the times and medicaldevelopment. Such spirit is the basis for sustainable and scientificdevelopment of the hospital.

INNOVATION is our soul. Innovations fundamentally advance the cause ofthe hospital. The hospital highlights the concept ofinnovation and encourages innovations of management,

medical technologies,services, teaching, scientific research, etc. Only those who innovate canadvance, grow and win.

HUMANISM is our core.As a set of advanced values and norms in humanculture, humanism is essentially human-centered and associatedwith respect, care and love of humans. The

hospital advocates humanism,expecting that all works are patient-centered and staff members are surroundedby warmth and love.

EXCELLENCE is our goal.Our hospital's vision and mission require us to outdo ourselves constantly, reflect the spirit of“pursuing excellence and forging

ahead”and realize the leapfrogging development of our hospital.