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Conference Service

Whether you are hosting a large conference, meeting or exhibition on campus, a dinner or a small meeting or reception, we have a wide range of meeting and event space. Meeting spaces on campus include self-service and serviced meeting rooms. Self-service meeting rooms provide tea, cups and multimedia equipment and other materials free of charge. Serviced meeting rooms offer basic services such as venue set-up, tea service, courtesy service and use of multimedia equipment and will be charged at standard rates. In addition, each venue can provide table sign preparation, tea break service, banners, flowers, bouquets, greenery, spray painting and other materials production and installation services for a fee. To make a booking, please inform the relevant staff in advance, if possible, of the potential number of people, the size of the space, the service requirements, the objectives and nature of the project, etc. For room availability or further information, please contact our staff, or you can arrange a site visit by appointment. (Opening hours are subject to notice)