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Campus Card

The Campus Card serves as a versatile tool for students and faculty members on campus, providing access to various services and facilities while also functioning as a payment method. Here are the ways you can top up your Campus Card:

1. **Alipay Page Top-Up:** Users can conveniently add funds to their Campus Card through Alipay. By searching for "Campus Card" within the Alipay app, individuals can opt for a one-click top-up option or choose to top up the cards of others.

2. **School Service Station Front Desk:** Another option is to visit the front desk of the school service station to manually top up your Campus Card. This provides a traditional and direct method for adding funds.

3. **Automatic Transfer Setup:** Users can set up automatic transfers from their bank accounts to their Campus Cards. This involves binding their bank card to the Campus Card system, enabling seamless and recurring transfers. For specific instructions on how to bind business details, individuals can seek guidance from the bank's online shop or customer service.

4. **Self-Service Machine Fund Transfer:** Funds can also be transferred to the Campus Card via self-service machines located on campus. Users can access these machines to complete the transfer process. Specific information regarding the location of these self-service machines should be provided to facilitate the transaction.

These options offer flexibility and convenience for individuals to add funds to their Campus Cards according to their preferences and needs.