Education / Resources


The ZJU-ISM Library will be officially opened in October 2024. The library is located among the teaching facilities unit of the medical school with a beautiful lake view. It is a 5 floors neoclassical style building with a space of 10,900 square meters. The planned capacity of paper version collection is 250,000 volumes, and the number of reading seats is 800. It offers spaces for academic seminar, exhibition, reading and study, group discussion, digital studio, themed laboratories, relaxation and meditation,etc. The ZJU-ISM Library continually aims to be among the proactive and innovative medical libraries in the world, with fully supports to the research, teaching and learning of ZJU-ISM.

Prior to the opening of ZJU-ISM in 2024, a temporary library will be opened in September 2023 to provide basic library services including reading, borrowing, and library workshops services for students on campus. The temporary library is located on the second floor of the Student Service Center, with 2 rooms of totally 200 square meters. The temporary library will offer the listed services:

  • Indoor reading: non-borrowed books and periodicals and other types of paper version library materials;
  • Borrowing: books and other types of paper version library collection that can be borrowed;
  • Self-study: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) self-study space;
  • Electronic resources: digital/electronic resources such as e-journals, e-books, databases, etc.;
  • Training: Electronic resources/digital resources introduction; information literacy/digital literacy workshop, etc.