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Dr. Weiying Chen holds multiple roles overseeing Education, International Affairs, Student Admissions, and Global Partnerships at the International School of Medicine, Zhejiang University (ZJU-ISM). Since assuming this pivotal position in January 2022, Dr. Chen has been at the forefront of addressing strategic international matters critical to both the school and its affiliated hospital, ZJU4H. Her overarching goal is to develop and implement comprehensive strategies that empower faculty, clinicians, and students to participate in a wide array of international initiatives actively.

With an illustrious career spanning various spheres of academia and administration, Dr. Chen previously served as the Deputy Director of the University's International Office from 2017 to 2021. In this capacity, she played an instrumental role in spearheading global communication efforts, elevating the University's reputation worldwide, and providing strategic direction on matters related to student mobility and the exchange of scholarly ideas.

Before assuming administrative leadership, Dr. Chen made significant contributions to the field of linguistics and applied linguistics as a respected faculty member at the School of International Studies. Her scholarly pursuits delved into diverse areas such as discourse referents and coherence, usage- based effects on language and cognition, and the historical evolution of linguistics. Dr. Chen earned her Ph.D. in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, solidifying her expertise in the field.

Her recent publications delve into topics such as international education and health professions education tailored for international students in China.

Dr. Chen's commitment to fostering international collaboration extends beyond academia. She serves as the Executive Director of the CIME Center for International Medical Education, reinforcing her dedication to advancing global partnerships in medical education and beyond.
Dialogue with CHEN Weiying
In addition to the core team, ZJU-ISM's global workforce also includes coordinators from 25 clinical departments in ZJU4H, who work actively to implement the school's "6i's strategy" in internationalization.
Global Partnership


Maina Soko Military Hospital;
Lusaka APEX Medical University

South Africa

Stellenbosch University


University of Zimbabwe

The United Arab Emirates

Khalifa Univerisaty


University Medical Centre Groningen;
Utrecht University

Sri Lanka

Colombo University


Universiti Brunei Darussalam


International Medical University


University of Alberta

United Kingdom

King's College London


University of Copenhagen

Hong Kong & Macau, China

Hong Kong University;
Chinese University of Hong Kong;
University of Macau


Chulalongkorn University;
Mahidol University


National University of Singapore;
Nanyang Technological University

Mobility Programs
Guest Professors
Senthil Kumar Rajasekaran
Acting Dean, College of Medicine & Health Sciences, Khalifa University
Kshanika Hirimburegama
Chair of Botany, Senior Professor in Plant Science Department, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka Former Ambassador to French Republic and SL Permanent Delegate to UNESCO Former Vice-Chancellor, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka
Joel Yisraeli
Professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem Adjunct Professor, Zhejiang University
Student Recruitment
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School visits

To recruit the brightest students who aspire to become excellent doctors

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Global Consultants
Bhagya Rodrigo
(MBBS,MD) Chairman, China Lanka Education
Shan Ling
Marie Sklodowska-Curie Leading Fellow, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience
Kristopher Geda
PhD, Coordinator, English for Foreign Students program, Stanford University USA
Yu Bin
PhD, the University of Edinburgh, PLAB/USMLE exams Coach
Danish Salim
Consultant EM, FMGE Tutor, National Innovation Head, India
Woo Yet Ha
98's BA, 05' PhD President, ZJU Alumni Chapter Malaysia
Sim Chong Siang
Secretary, Brunei-China One Belt One Road Association, Brunei
Png Lin
18' MBBS, Claim Rules Analyst, Ministry of Health Singapore
International Student Office (I-Center)
To provide supports for international students

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