Activities & Communities


Introduction to Student Organizations at Zhejiang University International School of Medicine

Student Union of International School of Medicine consists of the Department of Club Affairs and the Department of Activities, aiming to assist students in learning, promote student exchanges, enrich students' extracurricular activities, and strengthen cooperation and development between the school, clubs, and the local community.

Dance Club:

The Dance Club aims to provide students with opportunities to learn dance. Activities include offering dance classes, recording dance performances, and participating in dance competitions.

Zhejiang University International Medical School Choir:

The choir represents the school in various activities such as the opening ceremony of the International School of Medicine and student orientation ceremonies.

Media Club:

The Media Club aims to publicize student life, campus environment, and the culture of Yiwu (the location of the school). The club publishes various activities on social media.

Sports Club:

The Sports Club is responsible for organizing sports activities such as interdepartmental football matches and assisting students in communicating with gym instructors. It also helps guide students in systematic sports training.

Basic Chinese and Doctor-Patient Communication Club (under construction):

Initiated by the Student Union, this club aims to leverage the current situation of the SanYuan in the Yiwu campus and the expertise of clinical tutors to help newly enrolled students learn commonly used Chinese vocabulary and communication skills for interacting with patients. The club plans to invite senior students who are interning at hospitals and teachers to give lectures on patient communication skills and lead students in case studies.