Overseas Elective Programs


The Fourth Affiliated Hospital Zhejiang University School of Medicine (ZJU4H) opened in October 2014 and has rapidly grown into a high-quality, research-oriented tertiary care hospital. With 1,200 beds, 48 clinical specialties and medical departments, 46 inpatient nursing units and other OR, OPD, ER nursing units, etc., the hospital serves a local population of 2 million and the population from neighboring provinces. Among more than 2,000 employees, there are nearly 200 senior professionals, and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The 4-to-24-week (subject to the needs of the students and arrangement of specific units) ZJU4H Electives Program offers students a broad array of clinical observation and rotations that foster the growth of medical knowledge through direct patient care experiences. Visiting health professionals gain diverse hands-on experience in our program. The program is free of charge for our partner institutions

As a visiting health professional at ZJU4H, you become an active member of a medical team that sees patients from China and beyond with a wide spectrum of common and rare diseases. As a team member, you participate in teaching rounds and conferences with outstanding physicians and nurses representing all medical and surgical specialties as well as eminent scientists in basic research.

You are highly encouraged to apply for studying in the following specialties: nephrology, cardiovascular medicine, hematology, general surgery, orthopedics, neurosurgery, obstetrics, rehabilitation medicine, neurology and nursing.

2.Entry Requirements

Basic entry requirements

  • Presferred units
  • Proficiency in Chinese or English

For international medical students

  • Current medical students who have started rotation

For international nursing students

  • Current nursing students who have started rotation

For international residents

  • Physician license from home country
  • At least 2 years of medical studies

For international registered nurses

  • At least 3 years of work experience if you apply for the bedside nursing track, 5 years for the nursing education and professional development track, and at least 1 year of management experience for the management track

3. Application Process

3.1 The application is open all year round. If you want to apply for the programs, please submit the following materials to at least 6 months prior to enrollment.

For international medical students & International nursing students:

  • Application Form
  • Personal CV with a photo
  • Medical report within 6 months prior to the visit, including TB test result (PPD test result & chest X-ray result)
  • Two recommendation letters, if the student is not from a partner institution.
  • Transcripts supporting excellent school performance
  • BLS/ACLS certificate

For international residents:

  • Application Form
  • Personal CV with a photo
  • Medical report within 6 months prior to the visit, including TB test result (PPD test result & chest X-ray result)
  • Two recommendation letters from the supervising doctors
  • Copy of medical diploma
  • Copy of physician license issued by the home country
  • Proof of former residency experiences
  • BLS/ACLS certificate

For international registered nurses

  • Application Form
  • Personal CV with a photo
  • Medical report within 6 months prior to the visit, including TB test result (PPD test result & chest X-ray result)
  • Two recommendation letters from the supervising nurses
  • Copy of medical diploma
  • Proof of former nursing experiences
  • BLS/ACLS certificate

3.2 Please log into the Zhejiang University Online Application System for International Students ( to complete the application procedures once informed by the program coordinator of ZJU4H.


Once you are accepted into the program, ZJU4H will provide you with the acceptance documents such as a letter of acceptance, visa application documents, etc. Please confirm the admission within one week after receiving the acceptance documents.

  • Prior to departure, insurance covering the entire period of study needs to be acquired.
  • Trainees accepted into the program must successfully complete all post-decision requirements and comply with all ZJU4H policies. Failure to complete or comply with any post-decision requirements will result in the cancellation of the acceptance.

If you are accepted into the program, we will offer you:

  • A tailor-made study schedule to meet your learning objectives
  • A team of inspirational and English-speaking doctors and nurses who will take you to work along with them in ward rounds or clinics and are keen to answer your questions
  • Lectures about the Chinese healthcare system, and weekly departmental seminars on complicated cases with other Chinese residents, attendings and professors
  • White coats and a hospital ID card that gives you access to most of the hospital’s public facilities such as the library, gym and cafeteria
  • A program completion certificate

4. Housing & Dining

Free housing will be provided by ZJU4H. A public cafeteria, coffee shops and shuttles are also available at ZJU4H.

Please reach out to us via if you have any questions.