Things to Do in Our City

Speciality Cuisine

Fotang rice noddle

When you come to Fotang, you can't avoid having a bowl of hot Fotang ramen. Most of Fotang noodles are handmade, the noodles are strong and smooth, and the soup is all about the refreshing taste. One of the most classic noodles is the shredded pork noodle, which is soft and fragrant, with a thin layer of squash skin underneath the shredded meat, and then complemented by the soft and creamy noodles, which are full of flavour.

Pear paste candy

Pear paste candy has a calming and moistening effect, with the effect of reducing phlegm and cough, hundreds of pears can only boil a few dozen pounds of pear paste at the end. "A branch of ice and snow hanging pear paste, the second is to boil with cinnamon. Hawthorn malt can eliminate food, four gentlemen can put small worms eliminate. The top with five spices flower dew float, the bottom has six flavors good taste. In the seven-star stove there is a charcoal fire, and in the eight-trigram stove there is pear paste. Nine sticks of Chen Pi can open the stomach, and ten herbs are decocted together. Decoction is decoction, boiling is boiling, decoction and boiling into this paste." This pear paste ballad vividly and aptly sings out the complicated process of boiling pear paste candy. In the old street of Fotang, you can taste the hand-made pear paste candy made by the inheritors of the Yiwu pear paste candy making technique.


The buckwheat dough is cut with a knife and rolled into thick strips, then divided into smaller sections and pressed through a bamboo or plastic sieve from front to back with the backs of the middle and index fingers, so that a buckwheat mouse is formed. Many "old Yiwu" people always serve this dish to guests from far away because it is healthy and special. For city dwellers used to fine dining, a light bowl of buckwheat mouse is a good choice.

Yiwu Brown Sugar

Yiwu Brown Sugar is the best of brown sugar, which is made by traditional techniques and retains the nutrients in the cane juice without purification. Yiwu brown sugar is tender yellow and slightly green in colour, with a soft texture, sweet and fresh taste, delicious fragrance and has the effect of soothing the tendons and activating the blood, expelling cold and dampness, warming the stomach and strengthening the body.

Zezi tofu

Zezi tofu is a must-have summer food in Yiwu. To make it, take an appropriate amount of zizi powder and stir it into a paste with water, then slowly drop it into boiling water and cook it to a paste. The cooked bean curd is then packed into a bowl or pot, cooled and soaked in cold boiling water. Take a piece and cut it into small pieces, add vinegar and a little brown or white sugar to a bowl to make it sweet and tasty, then add a few drops of mint for a cool taste and to cool down the heat.

Donghe Pancake

This traditional Yiwu snack is paper-thin, glossy, fragrant and oily, and has been a great treat for guests and friends since ancient times. It is a combination of green minced onion, pink minced meat, and a bit of lard in a pan and fried until golden brown. According to the Donghe He family tree, the custom of serving meat cakes to guests has a history of 580 years.