League construction of class 211: touring the Old Town of Fotang

In order to carry out the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress and promote the traditional Chinese culture, as well as to build a harmonious class atmosphere and enhance class cohesion, on April 1, led by Director Yang Yi and Moral Education Supervisor Fu Jingjing, Graduate Class 211 of ZJU4H with a representative of MBBS students, Aiswarya, went to Fotang Town-a national historical and cultural town, to conduct a class activity entitled ‘Touring Fotang Ancient Town, Sensing History and Culture’.

Mr. Chen Yunquan, a well-known local entrepreneur and director of the Fotang Heritage Exhibition Hall, was invited to introduce the development of Fotang to students in order to understand the origins and culture of Fotang town.

The most famous part of Fotang town is the Old Street. The Old Street consists of the Straight Street, the Chamber of Commerce Street, the Salt Port Cross Street, the Floating Bridge Head Cross Street and two secondary streets in the east and west, and is more than 2,000 metres long and was the commercial centre of Fotang in ancient times. Both sides of the street are lined with two-storey wooden houses, maintaining the ancient Jiangnan architectural style of the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China. On both sides of the street, the lanes and alleys are narrow and curved, with a strong ancient marketplace look. Nowadays, when you stroll along the old street, you can see a lot of shops, and together with the pagodas and pagodas, they show the world a "picture of the Qingfeng commercial port".

Then students went to the local village cultural base for group-building activities including life sharing, solving problems, helping each other, barbecue, singing and interactive games. Aiswarya from India also expressed that this was the first time she had participated in such an event since she came to ZJU4H. It was her first time learning the excellent Chinese traditional culture up close, and she made many Chinese friends, which made her feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture and the warmth of the Chinese people. This event will definitely be an unforgettable experience in her study journey in China, in Yiwu and in ZJU.