China's Youth Day: Chinese and foreign students in action to deliver health to youth

It is estimated that the number of sudden cardiac deaths in China is as high as 544,000 per year, the highest in the world. When a person suffers a cardiac arrest, administering first aid within five minutes is the golden five minutes to save a life. Over the past decade, numerous studies have proven that high-quality CPR is the biggest determinant of survival. It is therefore particularly important that knowledge of CPR and other first aid is available to all.

On May 4, China's Youth Day, ZJU-ISM organized a volunteer teaching assistant team of 20 foreign and 3 Chinese students and 2 professional AHA training instructors with 8 professional training models of chest compressions to go to Zhuji Ronghuai School on this special day to conduct Basic Life Support (BLS) training for nearly 100 international high school students and teachers of the school.