Highlighting the beauty of the image of chinese culture-a visit to Zhuji

On May 4, the International School of Medicine, Zhejiang University (ZJU-ISM) organized a trip to Zhuji for 23 Chinese and foreign students to visit the site of the First National Congress of the CPC in Zhuji and the hometown of Xi Shi (the most beautiful lady in ancient China).

At the site of the First National Congress of the CPC, students listened to the stories of the revolutionary martyrs and discussed the responsibilities and missions of youth in the context of the new era.

The second stop is the hometown of Xi Shi. As one of the renowned four beauties of ancient China, Xi Shi is a legendary beauty who always takes the beholders’ breath away, whether she is slim or plump, wearing makeup or not. Students learned about the life and culture of Xi Shi, and were impressed by her patriotic spirit of enduring humiliation, standing up for herself in times of crisis and sacrificing her life to defend her country against powerful neighbors.

Afterward, students had an interactive experience of traditional Chinese culture, learning about ancient women's make-up, hairstyles, beauty, skincare and the art of beauty, as well as ancient women's dress, grooming, incense and other cultures of exquisite living. With the guidance of the interpreters, students also experienced writing traditional Chinese brush characters and playing the Guqin ( Chinese traditional plucked string instrument), providing an insight into the strict requirements and noble character of ancient Chinese women.

This series of activities helps Chinese and foreign students to understand Chinese traditional culture, combines international students' ideological and political education with traditional Chinese cultural inculcation, and focuses on nurturing the power of knowing and friendship with China.