Admission Bulletin 2024

About ZJU

Zhejiang University (ZJU), founded in 1897, is located in the eastern coastal city of Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province. As one of the earliest institutions of higher learning in China, ZJU is now a leading research university under the direct administration of China’s Ministry of Education. Reputed as the "Cambridge of the East*" in history, ZJU has always been ranked among the top universities in China in terms of its academic strength shown in teaching, research and social service. With a long-standing commitment to seeking truth and pursuing innovation, ZJU is keen to further open up to the world and collaborate globally for the betterment of the public welfare.

*Zhejiang University was extolled by Joseph Needham (British Biochemist) as the "Cambridge of the East" when he visited the campus during the World War Two.


ZJU-ISM is located in Yiwu, the largest wholesale market of consumer goods claimed by the UN, World Bank and other authoritative organizations. With the combined support of the university and Yiwu government, ZJU-ISM will better serve the national “Double Firstclass” initiative and deliver the top-quality care the region needs, and transform health professional education in an interconnected world. Enjoying advanced facilities and conducive learning environment, 92 MBBS students from 25 countries have embarked on their academic journey in September 2023.



1. Competency-based Training

Adhering to the implementation of an innovative competency-based training mode, our program is benchmarked against international standards to develop

physicians with clinical, academic,communicative and cooperative competency.

2. Longitudinal Mentorship

With both clinical and academic supervisors from the University and its teaching hospitals, students acquire feal-life case sharing,career path guidance and

direct insights from senior professionals.

3. Interdisciplinary Curriculum

With a multi-disciplinary integrated curriculum and diversified teaching methods, our program strives to foster innovation in the integration of basic science andclinical practice.

4. New Professionalism

Through courses in humanities and social science.close contact with patients, and community and global health service,new professionalism is instilled.

5. Individual Development

We cater for individual development through the provision of rich opportunities for international exchanges, research practice and inter-professional learning.

6. Cultural Immersion

Experiencing the fusion of diverse cultures in an environment where Chinese,international and Yiwu characteristics intertwine to bring uniquely novel and exoticexperience.


* Students must score at least 195 or above in HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, the Chinese Proficiency Test) Level IV and pass HSKK (HSK Speaking Test) Intermediate Level before taking the senior clerkship in China.

Entry Requirements

Applicants shall meet the overall requirements for undergraduate admission of Zhejiang University.

1. Eligibility requirements

1.1 Non-Chinese citizen with valid foreign passport

1.2 Under the age of 25

1.3 Have graduated from high school (Graduating students can provide pre-graduation certificates first, then provide the graduation certificates no later than registration.)

2. Requirements on nationality

Requirements of the regulations set in the Document No. 12 (2020) of Ministry of Education of the PRC shall be met.

3. Minimum entry standards

3.1 Applicants must have passed examination with minimum percentage of marks over 70% aggregate in Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (Zoology & Botany) during high school period.

3.2 Score report of English Language Test, e.g. TOEFL/IELTS/OTHERS (If applicants’ native language is not English)

IELTS: Academic module overall 6.0 with at least 5.0 in each component

TOEFL-iBT: 75 or above with minimum 15 in Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing

4. Documents for Application

4.1 A photocopy of the passport

4.2 Senior high school diploma (Graduating students can provide pre-graduation certificate. The original or notarized copy of the high school graduation certificate must be submitted upon registration.)

4.3 Transcript for all the courses in senior high school

4.4 Two recommendation letters from high school teachers with referee’s signature, contact phone number and email address

4.5 Personal statement, including study experience, reasons for application, and the potential to be a competent physician (Around 800 words)

4.6 Award-winning certificates related to academic courses during senior high school period (If applicable)

4.7 Submission of standardized tests results is strongly encouraged. (e.g. A-level test grades/ International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme grades)

Application Process

1. Online Application

Log into Online Application System for International Students of Zhejiang University, submit all the necessary application documents strictly as required and pay the application fee.


2. Interview

Eligible applicants will receive an email regarding the details of online interview. Interviews are arranged on a rolling basis.

3. Check Application or Result Status

Applicants will be enrolled based on competitive selection according to academic performances in senior high school, language proficiency and performance in the interview, etc.

The university will determine the name list of preliminary admission in different batches according to the application received. Applicants can also log in to Online Application System to track the application process.

4. Prepaid Tuition

Applicants who receive the Pre-Admission Notice should prepay the first-year tuition fee on the Online Application System within the specific time period stated on the Notice. The pre-admission will be cancelled if applicants fail to prepay the first-year tuition fee within the stated time period.

5. Preparation for Enrollment

Admission Notice can be downloaded from the Online Application System from the end of June, 2024 in batches. Download link of the electronic Confirmation Form for Study in China (for visa purpose) will be emailed to the address filled in the online application system by the applicant.

6. Registration

Admitted applicants should register with the university strictly according to the time specified in the admission notice.



Students are expected to live in the Student Dormitory, where each student has an independent bedroom while sharing a bathroom with two other students.

• Rooms are equipped with internet access, WLAN and air-conditioners.

• Public washing machines and dryers are also accessible to students in the dormitory.

Contact Information

Contact: Xu Jing



Address: Office 342, Administration Building, International School of Medicine, Zhejiang Univeristy. 200 Hushan Road, Yiwu, Zhejiang, P. R. China.

Online Application System:

(The application is open from now on until May 31st, 2024.)

Should there be any change in the above contents, the final interpretation from the International School of Medicine, Zhejiang University shall prevail.