Embracing a New Era: 2023 New Employees’ Orientation

On August 3, the orientation for the new employees was held with great enthusiasm. Distinguished attendees, including the Dean of ZJU-ISM, Academician Huang Hefeng, who joined virtually, the Chairman of ZJU-ISM and ZJU4H, Xu Jian, graced the occasion and the senior representatives from the leadership were present. The meeting, presided over by Vice President Xu Zhihao, was attended by over 160 new recruits in 2023, while an additional 290 employees recruited in 2022 participated in the meeting through a separate venue. The event commenced with a mesmerizing musical performance by the faculty and staff. Their harmonious melodies marked the beginning of the gathering, with renditions of Zhejiang University's anthem, and the ZJU4H's anthem.

Academician Huang Hefeng, expressed genuine concern for the new employees’ work and life, offering words of wisdom and best wishes. She encouraged everyone to stay true to their original mission and embrace the journey of “Constructing International Medical Center” with the spirit of truth-seeking, working together to achieve excellence in the medical field.

Xu Jian delivered an insightful speech, encompassing the current status of the high-quality development of the “International Medical Center” from five perspectives: “Our Home,” “Our Culture,” “Our Identity,” “Our Goals,” and “Our Confidence.” Emphasizing the importance of “seeking truth and innovation,” he reaffirmed the institution’s commitment to promoting human health and building a world-class international medical center with Chinese characteristics.

President of ZJU4H Wang Kai’s speech followed, offering valuable guidance to the new employees on becoming medical professionals. Introducing the International Medical Center in Yiwu, Wang inspired the recruits to nurture their dreams, shoulder responsibilities, uphold integrity, broaden their horizons, and proudly carry forward the rich cultural heritage of Zhejiang University.

Speaking on behalf of the new employees, Jin Congci, a physician from the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, delivered a heartfelt speech. Jin shared his aspirations to contribute to the development of the International Medical Center and pledged unwavering commitment to the growth and development of Zhejiang University.

The event commenced with a series of activities that took place from August 1. To facilitate the onboarding process, the new employees underwent a smooth and efficient registration and enrollment procedure through a convenient one-stop service. On August 2, a diverse array of engaging activities was organized, such as learning the anthem, visiting the City Planning Exhibition Hall, and participating in ice-breaking games. These activities not only promoted camaraderie but also instilled a strong sense of belonging among the new employees.

Hak Park, a Korean researcher at RNA Medical Center, expressed her excitement as a new member, saying, "I find it fantastic here because they have all the latest and brand-new instruments. The environment reminds me of my previous university, which puts me at ease, just like when I was a student. Moreover, I have the opportunity to interact with other exceptional scientists and learn from them every day. Overall, I am extremely happy working here, and each day feel fulfilling as a scientist."

Marina Dukhinova, a postdoc at Brain Health and Neurology Center, shared her impressions, stating, "In general, I'm very impressed by the hospitality and friendly nature of the people here. They welcome individuals with a variety of perspectives and backgrounds. The state-of-the-art equipment available here also leaves me impressed, facilitating my learning of new things. I am inspired by the enthusiasm and dedication I see in the lab members, from the senior researchers to the young students. Additionally, I aim to continue developing international collaborations, building upon my successful joint research experiences with supervisors and researchers from Russian, Chinese, and other international labs."

Written by Han Qiqi

Edited by Chen Weiying