The First Open Day sucessfully Hosted

The First Open Day sucessfully Hosted

On April 22, The International School of Medicine (ISM) at Zhejiang University welcomed parents, students, and esteemed guests from Thailand and Sri Lanka to Open Day. Attendees were treated an engaging program aimed at showcasing the university's commitment to innovation and excellence in medical education.

Dr. Chen Weiying, the visionary leader of ISM, delivered a compelling speech that underscored the institution's dedication to providing a transformative learning experience for its students. Emphasizing the importance of innovation, Dr. Chen highlighted ISM's status as China's first and only medical school to adopt a "longitudinal dual mentorship system." This innovative approach ensures that students receive comprehensive support and guidance from both scientists and physicians throughout their academic journey.

(Dr. Chen Weiying Extending a Warm Welcome and Insights into ZJU-ISM's Future)

Furthermore, Dr. Chen emphasized ISM's global outlook by announcing the establishment of overseas elective exchange programs with prestigious institutions in Thailand, UK, Canada, Japan, and Sweden. These initiatives provide students with invaluable opportunities to gain international exposure and enhance their clinical skills in diverse healthcare settings.

In her Q&A session with parents and students, Dr. Chen reiterated ISM's unwavering commitment to providing the best possible learning experience. She highlighted the university's Faculty in Residence program, which will see esteemed professors living on campus to foster meaningful interactions and mentorship opportunities.

Distinguished academic Professor Dante Neculai shared insights during the event, highlighting China's prominence in education and the unique opportunities offered by Zhejiang University's International School of Medicine. As a Canadian expatriate, his decision to join the faculty underscores the institution's reputation for excellence and innovation in medical education.

Prof.Dante Nuclei giving insights on his Journey in Zhejiang University

The Visitors were impressed by the state-of-the-art facilities, including modern dormitories,a well equipped cafeteria and a comprehensive student services center .

( A group photo of the students & parents at the campus of ISM-ZJU )

During the Open Day students were also celebrating Songkran Water Festival.. Attendees experienced vibrant cultural demonstrations and participated in a Traditional Water Blessing Ceremony, fostering a sense of unity and celebration.

Written by: ArslanSheikh & Fu Shuhan

Photography by: Lu Yuhua & Shen Qi

Editing by: Chen Weiying