Research Center

Metabolic Medicine


With economic development and improvement in social welfare, a large number of metabolic-related diseases (including obesity, diabetes, NAFLD, and cardiovascular disease) affect human health. On the other hand, the aging of the population further exacerbates metabolic disorders and increases the likelihood of metabolic diseases. Therefore, basic research on metabolism is of great importance.

Core Team

The Centre for Metabolic Medicine currently consists of three senior professors, three clinical specialists and two young researchers, will provide ongoing high-level clinical translation and cutting-edge multidisciplinary collaboration.

Liu Wei
Sun Qiming
Dante Neculai
Sun Leimin
Xia Shudong
Zhang Shaojun
Gao Xiukui
Zhang Lingling
The overall goal of the Centre for Metabolic Medicine is to build a world-leading discipline and platform in the field of metabolic medicine, We are committed to establishing landmark innovative theories related to metabolic medicine, building models for metabolic disease research, achieving clinical application and translation, and building a first-class research team.
Research Fields

Metabolic Medicine Center’s research fields include: glucose metabolism, lipid metabolism and immunometabolism 。

We attempting to reveal the spatio-temporal network regulation of glycolipid metabolism, the perception and response patterns of the body, organs, cells and sub-cellular structures to the state of glycolipid metabolism。

Resolving the information dialogue and synergistic regulatory network between tissues and organs regulating metabolic homeostasis。

Discovering the pathways and regulatory mechanisms for the production, transport and transformation of important glycolipid metabolites。

Discovering new laws for the regulation of glycolipid metabolism and homeostasis maintenance;

The aim is to reveal the central mechanisms of metabolic homeostasis in disease development and to develop new strategies for metabolic health.