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Oncology Medicine


Cancer, as the major lethal disease of human beings, is a serious threat to human life. In China, along with rapid industrialization and urbanization, the quality of the environment is deteriorating, leading to an increasing incidence of cancers such as lung cancer, colorectal cancer, and gastric cancer. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out at the 2016 National Conference on Health and Wellness that "emphasis must be placed on the prevention and control of major diseases, with cancer and other breakthroughs, strengthening early screening and early detection, and promoting early diagnosis and treatment." Therefore, tumor prevention and control, as a key national strategy, needs to focus key attacks. The Oncology Medical Center will gather teams of talents with multidisciplinary backgrounds in clinical oncology medicine, respiratory medicine, general surgery, molecular biology, bioinformatics, basic medicine, immunology, biomaterials, nanomedicine and molecular imaging technology to collaborate in research, and will carry out frontier basic research in oncology medicine, advanced technology development in oncology diagnosis and treatment, and clinical translational research.

Core Team

The Oncology Medical Center is led by Prof. Tianhua Zhou, with 57 permanent members and core research members including Kai Wang, Rutao Cui, Hongbin Ji, Ying Hu, Cheng Zhang, Che Tang and other leading professors from home and abroad.

Zhou Tianhua
Wang Kai
Cui Rutao
Ji Hongbin
Zhang Cheng
The Oncology Medical Center will have as its mission and vision on the creation of a top international medical center for precision oncology treatment. We will conduct systematic research focusing on respiratory and gastrointestinal tumors to achieve the following goals. ①New guidelines: to propose new international tumor screening strategies and establish new national and worldwide applicable clinical guidelines for screening. ②New drugs: to establish new protocols for precise immune intervention in tumors, to standardize clinical use, and to increase the five-year survival rate (10-15%). ③Big brand: to build China's exclusive and internationally renowned medical oncology brand, to enhance the international reputation of the discipline and institution. ④Big platform: We have been awarded several national key laboratories and provincial and ministerial innovation platforms, key laboratories, engineering research centers and technology innovation centers; ⑤Core role: to have the ability to undertake major national, provincial and ministerial level major projects and key R&D projects, and to obtain national science and technology awards.
Research Fields

The Oncology Medical Center has formed "three major research contents and four major research directions" teams.

(1) Prof. Hongbin Ji's team (Prof. Ying Hu, Prof. Zhe Tang, Prof. Zhenhua Hu) on tumor targeting markers screening research direction.

(2) Professor Tianhua Zhou's team (Professor Guixin Zhu, Associate Researcher Yun Xu, Associate Researcher Zhiyong Xu) on molecular mechanism of tumor research.

(3) Research direction of molecular tumor detection by Prof. Rutao Cui's team (Researcher Weiyu Chen and Researcher Yu Geng).

(4) Clinical precision therapy research direction by Prof. Kai Wang's team (Prof. Cheng Zhang, Prof. Jianwei Wang, and Dr. Jian Huang, Chief Physician).