Research Center

Genomics Medicine


China, as a country with large population, possesses abundant and diverse human genome resources, which are valuable to researches in human evolution and disease-related genes. However, progress in the study of genomic medicine based on human genome resources in China is relatively lagging behind. Combining genomics and medicine, comprehensively performing in-depth genomic medicine research can effectively determine the pathogenic loci of various diseases, and thereby develop appropriate diagnosis and treatment strategies. The Genomic Medicine Center will impel the effective protection and rational utilization of Chinese genetic resources and build the first international high-level genomic medicine platform along the "Belt and Road". We aim at providing critical reference data for Asian especially the Chinese population and driving the researches of precise disease genome map and pathogenic mechanism. Meanwhile we will provide competitive talents and industrialization foundation for follow-up genetic diagnosis, biomedical research and precision medicine, and also promote China’s scientific research, technology transformation and public health, and avoid "stuck necks" in the field of medicine and health.

Core Team

Zhang Guojie
Ying Songmin
Zhang Yongming
Yang Lili
Zhu Yanfen
The Genomic Medicine Center, facing the national strategic demands and frontiers of scientific development, aims to be a world-class genomic medicine center to realize precision medicine and satisfy health needs of the people. (1) Build top platform: establish the first international high-level genomic medicine platform along the "Belt and Road"; (2) Write new guidelines: in cooperation with the oncology and reproductive centers, establish new specifications for health examination and disease forecasting, and increase the early screening rate of diseases by more than 20%; (3) Develop new technologies, in cooperation with The Oncology Medical Center, formulate new technologies for personalized diagnosis and treatment of tumors based on pharmacogenomics, and improve the five-year survival rate by 10~15%; (4) Develop a big brand, build an exclusive and internationally famous genomic medicine brand in China, and enhance the international popularity of disciplines and institutions; (5) Have core responsibility, have the ability to undertake national, provincial and ministerial major projects and key research and development projects, and strive to win the national science and technology award.
Research Fields

The Genomic Medicine Center focuses on the following research areas:

(1) Genome Structure and Functional Analysis:

We will build a ‘telomere to telomere’ reference genome for different ethnic groups in China and populations in countries along the "Belt and Road" as well as reference datasets and database for populational genomic structural variations, and then establish a functional genome reference database by comprehensively elaborating the impacts of variants on transcription regulation and genome spatial structure. We will collect clinical samples of tumors and reproduction-related diseases, perform comparison with normal populations in combination with clinical indicators, identify disease-related genomic variants for subclassification and marker variants determination, and finally establish genomic variants databases for different diseases.

(2) Genomic Medicine and Reproductive Health:

In collaboration with The Reproductive Medical Center, we will establish a genomic variants database focusing on reproductive diseases based on the associated analysis of genomic variation and clinical data from China and the "Belt and Road" populations.

Based on the populational genomic variations information from birth defect fetuses and their parents, the pathogenic loci of rare diseases or polygenic genetic diseases will be identified. On the grounds of these efforts, a genomic medical screening strategies as well as an automated analysis procedure will be developed for good prenatal and postnatal care.

(3) Pharmacogenomics and Oncology Precision Medicine:

In collaboration with The Oncology Medical Center, we will interpret the mechanisms leading to individual differences in drug responses through examining the genetic polymorphisms within drug-responsive genes and their sensitivity to drug treatment and provide guidelines to new drugs development. By investigating populational genomic variations in drug responses, we will develop personalized treatments and automated analysis pipeline. Combining populational genomic variations and clinical factors, we will design early detection strategies for health people at specific- or pan-cancer level and also an automated analysis procedure. Finally, we will popularize and commercialize the above precision medicine and cancer-screening program to strengthen the genomic medicine industry.