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The Laboratory Animal Center

Laboratory Animal Center of International Institutes of Medicine Zhejiang University is one of the public service platforms for ZJU4H, ZJU-ISM and ZJU-IIM. The centre was established in April 2021 and granted administrative permission to use laboratory animals in November 2022.

The centre's functions include breeding specific-pathogen-free laboratory animals and holding them. The centre covers an area of 3300 square meters and about 10000 cages for mice and rats. It mainly meets the research and teaching needs of the faculty of the three-in-one institutions and other university departments and units. Scientific research instruments are also provided.

Another laboratory animal centre in ZJU-ISM is under construction, which is not only for small animals but large animals like rabbits, canines, swine and nonhuman primates.

These two centres are committed to providing the highest-quality research animals, well-equipped animal holding facilities, and professional services to support the considerable role of ZJU4H, ZJU-ISM and ZJU-IIM in research and teaching.